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So today I have swatches from a new indie brand called ily™ Cosmetics. ily™ Cosmetics is a New York based indie company who’s food themed products look good enough to eat, I mean lick, no wait wear..yeah that one!  😉

ily cosmetics collage


ily cosmetics-001


IMG_7096Flying colors has a variety of neon hex glitters in various sizes in an optional GITD base. I sponged two coats over ILNP Super Juiced (which is layered over BM Angelic White).

ily cosmetics-002Tribal has pink and teal triangles, pink and teal hex and white rectangle glitter in a thick, clear base. If you apply this from the brush it’s best to use a dabbing application to get the best coverage, or apply with a sponge (like shown over B POlished Midnight in Death Valley).

ily cosmetics-003Daydreamer has white pearl and iridescent hex glitters in a thick, clear base. Application is the same as Tribal.

ily cosmeticsCandy Fairy is from the Sweet Nail Color Collection and has pink, purple, blue and green, dandelion hex and square glitter in an off-white crelly base. Formula is nice and you get nice glitter coverage through the base, three coats to full opacity.

Overall: These colors are fun, I love Daydreamer with the pearl and iridescent combo!

Price and availability: These are available at for $9/e

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12 Responses

  1. Candy Fairy is lovely!!

  2. Alexis says:

    These are such cute glitter combos. I like how you did the accent nail as the same glitter, but MORE.

  3. Manna says:

    Daydreamer is really pretty

  4. These look like some gun glitters but I like Tribal the best.

  5. Kim P says:

    Candy Fairy is super cute!

  6. Angel says:

    I have a few of these! Tribal was my fav, I sponged if on and I liked it best that way. Great swatches!

  7. I really like Candy Fairy! Great swatches!

  8. Nichole C says:

    who doesn’t like glowing polish?

  9. Moni'sMani says:

    These are super fun!! Love the gitd

  10. Melissa says:

    Oh! I like Flying Colors!

  11. Jessica says:

    I like Tribal, that’s a pretty topper!

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