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Today I have swatches of several colors from Chloe & Bella, a line of polish that is not only 5-Free but also vegan and cruelty free!

Chloe & Bella001 Chloe & Bella002 Chloe & Bella003(L to R) Tiger’s Eye, Evergreen (over B Polished Midnight in Death Valley), Evergreen (over OPI Russian Navy), Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a blackened copper/red to green/gold multichrome. This has a great formula, it doesn’t patch or bald and is fully opaque in two coats.

Evergreen is a silver/green to purple multichrome with silver flakies. This one was very sheer,Ā but itĀ makes a great topper! I applied two coats over black (B Polished Midnight in Death Valley) and two coats overĀ OPI Russian Navy, and the result is totally different based on the base color.Ā It is one of those “glowy” multichromes because of the shimmer to it, and over dark colors you can see hints of purples and blues which make it so pretty!

Chloe & Bella004Dragon’s SkinĀ is a mix of mostly green/gold ultrachrome flakies andĀ silver flakies, but also has added red/purple to blue ultrachrome flakies which make it stunning! It builds up nicely and will give you full coverage in 2-3 coats, I chose to sponge on one coatĀ then top it with a second straight from the brush. This is my favorite way to apply glitters and flakies like this since you get the most coverage without the build-up of polish or waiting for it to dry. These flakiesĀ are very dense, even when layered over black the color isn’t really effect because of how opaque they are on their own.

Chloe & Bella005Dragon’s Breath is similar to Dragon’s Skin but is mostly purple and blue with a sprinkling of green/gold, along with the silver flakies. I applied this the same way as Dragon’s Skin.

Chloe & Bella006(L to R) Dragon’s Breath(index and middle-over B Polished Midnight in Death Valley), Dragon’s Skin(ring-over B Polished Midnight in Death Valley and pinky)

These colors are so reflective and with the added ultrachrome flakies they are just super gorgeous!!

Chloe & BellaI also wanted to share this adorable little change purse that comes free with your first order, it’s so cute and shiny!!

Sidenote, my son has confiscated this toĀ carryĀ his “treasures” lol

Price: Chloe & Bella nail lacquers range from Ā $5.95 to $11.95/e

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8 Responses

  1. victoria says:

    I personally prefer brighter and pastel shades, but these are lovely!

  2. Lovely! In the first photo the blue looks like a Zoya I own but more intense!

  3. Deborah says:

    I like these shades a lot! And what a cute little purse :D!

  4. Renu says:

    I love the colour shift in these! That purse is so pretty; I love that they added it as a gift. You should get it back from your son and give him an Ipsy bag or something to keep his things LOL.

  5. Julie says:

    I love the finish of these, they look like they would dazzle in the sunlight!

  6. These are sooo pretty! I love my multichromes especially with the flakies. I’m still brand shopping so I will have to check these out. Cute bonus, too

  7. Dragons Ring is my favorite! Your nails are awesome.

  8. Beautiful holos and nails! Love the green tones.

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