ILNP Purple Plasma…

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Now that it’s summer and the sun is shining bright, it’s the perfect time to break out the holos! I’m slowly working on swatches of the ILNP Summer collection (like snail pace slowly lol) and up first I have ILNP Purple Plasma. I debated getting this since I own so many holos but I’m so glad I decided to get it, because WOW! Most holos only look good in the sun, or under direct bright light, but this one also looks great indoors since it’s not only holo but has gorgeous pink shimmer. The pink shimmer seems to go away in the sun and the holo takes over, and vice versa indoors, this is one thing I really love about ILNP’s holos since they’re great to wear year round.

ILNP Purple Plasma.NEF-001 ILNP Purple Plasma.NEF-002 ILNP Purple Plasma.NEF ILNP Purple Plasma.NEF-003

ILNP Purple Plasma is a stunning deep purple linear holo with a pink undertone. Indoors (non-direct light) it’s a deep purple with pink micro glass flecks, making it the perfect purple both indoors and out. This is 2 coats, no top coat, and it applies fabulously. Such a smooth and flawless application, just like many of my other ILNP’s.

Price: This retails for $10 at

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