Psychedelic Stained Glass

Purchased by Me

I have been dying to swatch my ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies forever but just haven’t had time yet. However, I still really wanted to try them, so I thought why not just put them all together in one magnificent mani. This is the result…

Psychedelic Stained Glass -001 Psychedelic Stained Glass -002 Psychedelic Stained Glass

To create this look I sponged on (index) Supernova, Phoenix, Open Fields, (middle) Electric Carnival Success, Luna , (ring) Cold Fusion, Brilliance, Metropolis, (pinky) Rapture, Neon Rosebud, Gaia, and Atlantis on all. Then I stamped over it with my special black polish using BM618 which gave it this trippy stained glass effect.

Pics just can’t describe how


these flakies are. Seriously they’re just


Have you picked up any of these flakies? Which are YOUR favorite??

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20 Responses

  1. Amna Tasneem says:

    I love your mani. And I also looovvveeeeddd the clips of Jenson Ackles too. He described you mani perfectly!

  2. OMG, love this! I like this idea, I shall try them soon! The gifs are hilarious :’D

  3. Ashley says:

    Gorgeous! I love this mani!

  4. Yesss DEAN KNOWS EVERYTHING!!! Stunning work!

  5. Love the colors and stamping effect, so artsy!

  6. Emily says:

    LOL those gifs describe these perfectly. I love love love love love them <3 AMAZING!

  7. Paulina says:

    Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous and full of dimensions mani.

  8. Renu says:

    I first thought you mixed a gazillion holo polishes for the stained-glass effect! HOW did you sponge on the flakies so so beautifully? This is the best stained glass mani ever! Love the stamping over it!

  9. LOVES! OMG this turned out so ahhhmazing!

  10. Ooolala! I’ve photographed my flakies and the photos were awful. I haven’t had the heart to try again yet. LOVE it with the stamping!

  11. victoria says:

    These turned out perfect!

  12. Gah! I have not picked any of these up and I still don’t know why. I dont have time, money, time?? I love the way these look! Super awesome!!!!

  13. Julie says:

    This is the coolest nail design, I love the stamping!

  14. Ribyn says:

    Wow! The effect is beautiful!

  15. Craftynail says:

    whoa- all those colors look so cool !

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