Weaving Foils…

So the big question of the day is: Do the Sally Hansen Color Foils work with stamping?? Well, the answer is….

sally hansen color foils stamped-001 sally hansen color foils stamped-002 sally hansen color foils stamped sally hansen color foils stamped-003

Yes! I used all 8 colors for this stamping- (L to R/T to B) Minted Metal, Cobalt Chrome, Titanium Flash, Purple Alloy, Rosem Copper, Yellow Gold, Liquid Gold, Sterling Silver over Bundle Monster Noir Black (swatches of Set 1 coming soon!) using BM409 (with top coat). But, before you go trying to stamp away with these keep reading! While these do stamp, and quite well especially over black, they are tricky to work with. I originally tried using my XL “squishy” stamper, like I always do, and could not get the image to pick up! No matter how fast I went or how clean and non sticky the stamper was, the image just never transferred. Going through my troubleshooting checklist I tried moving faster, nothing. I had the a/c on so that must be the problem, turned it off, still nothing. I was about to give up, figuring maybe they just don’t stamp, when I decided to try my Konad stamper (which I hate). Success! I have no idea why the Konad stamper worked and the “squishy” stamper didn’t, but @bruisedupdollie said she had the same problem so I guess these need a firm stamper to be able to pick up the image. So, if you are having trouble stamping with these try using a different stamper, make sure you don’t have the a/c or a fan on, and move fast! On the plus side these did not smear or have a negative effect after I put top coat on.

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