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Next up from the GlitterDaze Summer Grooves collection is GlitterDaze Psychedelic. Check out the groovy swatches below 😉


GlitterDaze PsychedelicGlitterDaze PsychedelicGlitterDaze PsychedelicGlitterDaze PsychedelicGlitterDaze PsychedelicGlitterDaze Psychedelic-004To see the shift in the sun I stood in one spot and did a 360. This does have a strong shift in the sun but it’s not noticeable by standing in one spot, it shifts depending on how the light hits the nail.


GlitterDaze PsychedelicGlitterDaze Psychedelic shifts from pink, to copper, to golden olive, to green in both the sun and shade. Another excellent formula that glides on smooth with no patching or pulling and is fully opaque in two coats.

Price: This collection is currently available at and retails for $12.50 (15mL bottle).

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Glitter Daze Summer Grooves


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2 Responses

  1. QueenMiSeRy says:

    You’re going to kill me with these swatches. And if you think at the beginning I didn’t like multichromes at all, I’ve got way far 😀

    • francine says:

      Not love multichromes?! What? 😉 This collection is really beautiful and of all the multichromes I own these are by far the most pigmented and easy to work with.

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