Magical Butterfly…

So excited to share today’s Magical Butterfly mani!! This was the mani that I wore on my week long vacation back to Florida (and surprising it lasted all week!).

magical butterfly-001

magical butterflymagical butterfly-002picasion.com_ed9a8084f83cb2b12ec526890b6b3478

When I was trying to come up with what to wear for the trip, knowing I would have to look at it for a week, I thought about wearing either a multichrome or a holo. Then I thought, “Why not both!?”, and to make it more awesome I thought I would FINALLY doΒ the butterfly wing stamp I created for the Bundle Monster CYO contest. So all together I used: FingerPaints Black Expressionism with BM424, white acrylic paint, the entire DL Chameleon collection (varying the colors for each nail), and 6 of the Color Club Halo Hues ( Cosmic Fate, Eternal Beauty, Miss Bliss, Angel Kiss, Over the Moon, and Kismet- again varying colors for each nail).

And just for fun I wanted to share some pics from our trip!

First, we took the boys to Legoland….

legoland legolandit was like being back home πŸ˜‰

legolandthe boys visiting “NYC”

Next, the hubby and I got to go to a theme park alone! Yep, a whole day without kids! We decided to go to Busch Gardens since most of the rides were too big for our boys, and they wouldn’t have been able to go.

busch gardenshow could I resist? πŸ˜‰


busch gardens busch gardens busch gardensThis was so amazing, we walked by the tiger section and saw this tiger just laying on top of the lookout window. It was so cool to be that close up to such a huge and beautiful animal.

busch gardens*not my kid’s hand

Then the most awesome part of the trip, we went on one of the safari rides that takes you out to get “up close” with the animals. Most of the ride was OK, pretty much the same as if you took the train that goes around the park. However, at the end of the tour we stopped by the giraffes. Two of them followed the truck over to this feeding area where we stopped and got to take super close up pics, oh, and also hand feed them!

busch gardens busch gardensan amazing shot of Hubby feeding the giraffe

busch gardensthe giraffe was too focused on the lettuce to pose with me =(

busch gardens busch gardensmani in action

Next up, we spent 2 days at Magic Kingdom. The boys LOVED it!

magic kingdomhad to!

busch gardens busch gardens busch gardensthe boys enjoying lunch and a show lol

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! I had such a great time on my vacation and wanted to share of piece of it with you guys. If you’re interested in how I created this mani I will be posting a tutorial soon (didn’t want to make this post go on forever πŸ˜‰ )

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