Dance Legend Boggs…

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The time has finally come to show you the Dance Legend Chameleon collection!! I know it’s taken FOREVER to post these but I had well over 200 pics of this collection and going through them was a bit overwhelming. Plus there’s no better way to end March Multichrome Madness than with this amazingly beautiful collection! I’ve decided to post these in numerical order starting with #91 Boggs….

dance legend boggsdance legend boggs-001dance legend boggs-002dance legend boggs-004dance legend boggs-008picasion.com_774be7955c8a96158edef6f31fe54bd1


Dance Legend Boggs shifts through about 3 main colors: at the very bottom it’s blue then it shifts to a blurple/purple and at the top of the shift it’s a rusty rose purple. For this swatch (and the rest of the collection) I used 3 coats by itself. It’s pretty opaque after 2 coats but due to the nature of the pigments it can be slightly uneven so 3 coats not only intensifies the color but makes it fully opaque and even. The formula is good, but you do need to be sure not to go over the same area twice as you can get some pulling and patching. It doesn’t require any special base coat and looks best under a shiny top coat.

Price: $8 for 6.5ml (I think, the bottle is in Russian). I bought these directly from Dance Legend  but you should note that shipping can take up to 2 months or more.

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