The Endless Royal Uptown….

I am so pleased and upset by today’s mani.  I want to say that it looks a MILLION times better in person, the sparkle and color shifting shimmer is just so beautiful over the bright blue. Sadly, my camera had a spaz attack and was unable to capture the depth and beauty of these colors. Most of the pics came out looking like the nails had been (badly) photoshopped..
like this. The bright blue + flakie + shimmer = camera overload.
The shade pics are only mildly better.  You still can’t really see the micro shimmer or the flakies, and the blue isn’t a vivid as in the sun.
Because it was so hard to photo I took a video of it =)

From bottom to top: Sinful Colors Endless Blue, Revlon Royal, Color Club The Uptown and a mix of Pure Ice Heartbreaker with Darling Diva Ringer.

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2 Responses

  1. Kellie M says:

    I love the flakies. I have Heartbreaker and have never used it. I’m gonna have to bust it out and layer it over a dark color.

    When you listed the polishes you used you said ‘from top to bottom;…what did you mean by that? I ask because all of your nails look the same color…I don’t see any difference in the nails or each photo. =/

    Did you try taking a picture in the dark with a flash? I hear that works with neon colors…might be worth a shot.

    • From bottom to top means what I started with as my base color to the top of my nail (on each nail). SC Endless Blue is the base color and the Heartbreaker mix is the last layer on top.

      I tried taking indoor pics, with and without flash but they all came out bad. The blue is actually a bright not a neon (neons dry matte which is how you can tell) and combined with the shimmer my camera just couldn’t focus =(

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