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 I was so disappointed with Sand Art. While in my head I knew the beautiful design in the bottle would never translate to the nail a part of me still hoped it would happen lol. I have a feeling it may be just 5 colors in one bottle, meaning once you use up the top color it will change to the next color and so on. Mine has a nice glitter effect but looking at the other bottles the glitter did not look consistent. It does have a label that reads “DO NOT SHAKE” on the top, but of course people do so finding one still intacted is hard.

Glitter Teal is part of their Starstruck collection and this color is beautiful! It’s a sheer shimmery teal that’s perfect on it’s own but I think it would also look great layered over other colors.

Ring a Ding is a pink, copper/bronze, and gold hex glitter in clear base polish. I’m not really a fan of these glitters, but I keep buying them lol.

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