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I was recently contacted by the lovely Kristin of Rainysunraynails to review her new Cuticula scented liquid tape* and I have to say I’m in love! I’ve been using liquid latex for clean-up and swatch removal for a while now, but the latex I have seems very thin and doesn’t come off as easily as this does. I received the Creamsicle scent and while it doesn’t smell bad like regular latex it doesn’t have strong creamsicle scent either, which to me isn’t a bad thing since I am very sensitive to smells. It applies very smooth and easily and dries quickly (to speed up the drying even faster I use a blow dryer on high speed with low heat, this dries it in seconds!). Removal is super easy and comes off pretty much in one piece with little effort. *note- this is a LATEX based product

IMG_20150330_163316 IMG_20150330_165348 IMG_20150330_164331

I decided to test it out with a matchy-matchy mani (if you haven’t noticed by now I like to coordinate my manis)…

opi creamsicle tutorial OPI CreamsicleI used OPI Infinite Shine Endurance Race to the Finish and Bundle Monster Angelic White for my gradient and base color. Then used Indigo Bananas Hidden Fire and the matching creamsicle water decal for my accent nails.

Restock for Cuticula scented liquid tape is set for April 24th!

I also did a tutorial on how I created this look…


If you like this mani please give it a ‘like’ on Instagram for the OPI and Preen.Me #InfiniteShine challenge.  😀


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7 Responses

  1. I love Creamsicles and this makes me want to run and get one. 🙂 I think this is so fun… definitely something I think anyone will enjoy.

  2. MarciaF says:

    This is beautiful. i love that the latex can be pulled away so you can do this great nail art.

  3. I love creamsicles! This makes me long for summer. Great job!

  4. I love using liquid latex for cleanup, but the one I have smells so strongly! I would love one scented like creamsicles. Yum. Love that cute decal, too!

  5. What a cute idea! I love scented things. Especially things that have a funky smell to begin with. I also like that these come in different colors to go with the scents. Is that weird? Haha cute!

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