Takko Physical Graffiti and Jabberwocky

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There are some indie brands you come across that have such gorgeous polishes but for some reason you just never pull the trigger on ordering them, Takko is that brand for me. I’ve seen bottle shots and swatches of Takko for a while now and everytime I think, that is just stunning and I need, but then I’m kindly reminded by my husband that I need to stop buying stuff (hehe). So when Gloss48 contacted me about doing a review for the upcoming Takko pre-launch event I quickly jumped on the opportunity. And I have to say these are worth the hype!

Takko Physical Garffiti and JabberwokyTakko Jabberwocky and Physical Graffiti

Takko Jabberwoky Takko Jabberwoky-001Jabberwocky is a gorgeous seafoam green/aqua teal crelly with strong copper to green shifting shimmer. Oh my! How I love this! On it’s own it’s a tad sheer, 3-4 coats will give you full coverage (see below, 3 coats by itself), so I applied two coats over Jessica Surfer Boyz ‘n Berry. This color is stunning, the shimmer is definitely not hidden on this one! It does dry to a semi-matte finish so I applied a top coat to make it glossy, which helps the shimmer really pop.

Takko Jabberwoky.20 PM3 coats of Takko Jabberwocky plus top coat. Slight VNL present

(hey look! it’s righty 😉 )

Takko Physical GraffitiPhysical Graffiti is a taupe-ish grey crelly with sterling silver flakies. The color reminds me of a rainstorm (not that I remember what that looks like because it’s been forever since we’ve had rain!), it’s a warm grey which goes well with my skintone, it doesn’t make me look sickly and I love the addition of the silver flakies. This one was also sheer 3-4 coats alone will give you full coverage (see below), I applied 2 coats over Barielle Taupe Notch to give it a nice rich, deep look.

Takko Physical Graffiti.20 PM3 coats of Takko Physical Graffiti by itself, showing slight VNL.

Overall: I really like these colors and the overall formula, guess it’s time to start saving up for some Takko haulage! 😉

Price: These will be available tomorrow (10/15) at 11am EST, along with two other colors, for an early pre-launch sale event over at Gloss48.com.  These duos retail for $24 (reg $26)  (supplies will be limited), sale runs until October 22nd at 11am after that returning to full price.

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8 Responses

  1. Deborah says:

    Jabberwockey is SO extremely beautiful! That shimmer, that base color.. all perfect!

  2. Jabberwocky is breathtaking beautiful!

  3. Emily says:

    Oh my god. Jabberwocky is STUNNING! My jaw is on the floor!

  4. Honeygirlk says:

    Omigosh – hello Takko, I think I have fallen in love.

  5. kelliegonzo says:

    I love both of these so much that I just signed up at Gloss48 to be able to buy them when they are released! Stunning!

  6. Julie says:

    Stunning colors, I love the teal!

  7. Lindsay says:

    ERMAGHERD! I love and need both… like seriously! Takko is such an awesome brand and yet I can never seem to get my finger on the trigger fast enough to make them mine. ARG!

  8. Anne says:

    Those are really striking! I especially like those flakies in the brown one!

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