GlitterDaze Summer Grooves Collection Comparisons

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GlitterDaze Summer Grooves collection

Now that I’ve gone through all the swatches of the GlitterDaze Summer Grooves collection, I wanted to do some individual comparisons between the colors.

First up is Rainbow Family vs Contact High

GlitterDaze Rainbow Family vs Contact HighRainbow Family/Contact High

Overall, these two are VERY similar. The middle and end shifts are identical but the starting shift is different.

GlitterDaze Summer Grooves-003

In this close-up you can see (hopefully) that Rainbow Family starts off with more as teal/aqua blue whereas Contact High is a pure blue.

GlitterDaze Summer Grooves-004 GlitterDaze Summer Grooves-005As you shift up the colors become identical, choosing which color is “better” is more of a personal preference on whether you like a teal shift or a blue shift  to start out with.

Next up is Awesomeness Overdose vs Spaced Out

GlitterDaze Awesomeness Overdose vs Spaced OutAwesomeness Overdose/Spaced Out

Again, like Rainbow Family and Contact High, these colors look extremely similar. The only difference being the starting shift of either teal or blue, with the end shift of rosey purple showing up stronger in Awesomeness Overdose.

GlitterDaze Summer Grooves-006

(L to R) Trippy, Rainbow Family, Contact High, Spaced Out

GlitterDaze Summer Grooves GlitterDaze Summer Grooves-001 GlitterDaze Summer Grooves-002

Last we have Dazed vs Psychedelic..

GlitterDaze Dazed vs PsychedelicDazed/Psychedelic

Just like the previous sets of comparisons these have the same middle and end shift but the beginning shift is slightly different. Dazed has more of a rosey wine (warm toned) starting shift, while Psychedelic has more of a pink/purple (cool toned) starting shift. Both are equally vibrant and gorgeous though.

GlitterDaze Summer Grooves-007(Lto R) Funky Fresh,  Dazed, Psychedelic, Far Out, Good Vibes

GlitterDaze Summer Grooves-008 GlitterDaze Summer Grooves-010 GlitterDaze Summer Grooves-009

Overall: While there are several similar shades in this collection it offers you the choice of which color shift you like best. If you like teal over blue or warm over cool tones there’s something for everyone. And I will say that as far as multichromes go, these by far, have the best application! All of the other multichromes I own are at least 3 coaters ( sometimes 4!) and they have a tendency to patch and pull when you go over the same area twice. With these application is very smooth and they go on very glossy, only needing 2 coats to achieve a completely opaque color.

Price: This collection is currently available at and retails for $12.50 (15mL bottle).

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Glitter Daze Summer Grooves


And just remember

they're not the same



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14 Responses

  1. Melissa says:

    I would love to try these amazing colors. You’ve captured them in photograph so beautifully.

  2. Jessica says:

    I could seriously just stare at your nails forever. Gorgeous photos!

  3. these look so similar to the dance legends collection, awesome nail shots!

  4. Wow! You captured the multichrome-ness (is that a word? LOL) beautifully! Just stunning.

  5. Lindsey says:

    I love how well you were able to capture each of these! They are quite similar and I’d probably only need a few of the collection, but seeing the ombre effect you’ve got going on with all of these is awesome! Makes me want all of them after all 😉

  6. Kelli says:

    Thank you for the comparisons. Multichromes look so beautiful in daylight! That being said, these polishes are very similar and I think I could just pick one or two! LOL!

  7. Great comparison post girl! You can definitely see the slight differences. Great pics!

  8. kelliegonzo says:

    Great pics! I’m a little maxed out on mulitchromes, so many brands are doing them now, but they are still lovely regardless 🙂

  9. Meghan says:

    Great job in photographing these. With so many multi chromes it’s hard to tell which ones are better, or unique. But you did a great job in comparing them. And it’s helpful to hear how these compare to other similar products on the market.

  10. Anne says:

    Your photography skills are amazing!! These polishes really pop out of the screen. My wallet is mad, but my nails want this collection!

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