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Sorry about my absence last week, I had a stomach bug that had me laid up the whole week, no fun! But, today I’m back and I have swatches of 6 of the 8 new NYC City Samba collection to share with you! This is a limited edition collection inspired by the vibrant and fun colors of Brazil.

NYC City Samba collectionNYC Palm on the Beach.NEF NYC Palm on the Beach.NEF-001Palm on the Beach is a bright medium toned green creme. Full opaque coverage in 2 coats and the formula was easy to work with. Word of warning, you may want to double (or triple) up on your basecoat because this is a potential stainer! If you have gel polish I would do a thin layer of gel as you basecoat to avoid a bright lime yellow stain. For removal I highly recommend the foil method, do not rub this around because it stains the skin! I learned this the hard way and luckily after scrubbing for a couple minutes with some whitening toothpaste I was able to remove it.

NYC Jacaranda Flower.NEF NYC Jacaranda Flower.NEF-001Jacaranda Flower is a bright medium toned true purple crelly. Fully opaque in 2 coats and applied with easy.


NYC Sweet Melon.NEF NYC Sweet Melon.NEF-001Sweet Melon is a peachy orange semi-frost. This has hidden micro shimmer that leans slightly frosty in bright lights. This needed a good shake to really mix up all the shimmer and the formula was a tad on the thick side but still very easy to work with. I needed 3 coats to make the color fully even but 2 coats looked fine.

NYC Amazon Green.NEF NYC Amazon Green.NEF-001Amazon Green is a frosty teal. Because of the frosty finish you can see the brushstrokes but they weren’t that bad IRL. Fully opaque in 2 coats and easy application.

NYC Tropicoral.NEF NYC Tropicoral.NEF-001Tropicoral is a bright medium toned coral (leaning pink) creme. SO IN LOVE WITH THIS COLOR! It’s bright, fun and perfect for summer! I think this tone of coral goes really well with my skintone and I just really love wearing it. As if the color wasn’t great enough this is also a one coater that applied smooth and evenly!


NYC Copabanana.NEF NYC Copabanana.NEF-001Copabanana (love the name!) is a banana yellow creme with hidden micro shimmer. Fully opaque in 2 coats and applied easily but the formula is a tad on the thick side.


Overall: I think this is a bright and fun collection that’s perfect for summer. Easy application and most opaque in 2 coats.

Price: These retail for $1.99 where NYC products are sold.

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