FingerPaints Surreal Sunset…

Purchased by Me

So..I actually have one more FingerPaints swatch for you guys. I was working on some comparison posts and when I was done with this one I put it away and forgot that I had bought it with the rest of the FP’s I was swatching (#bloggerproblems). Since you still have today to pick up FingerPaints on BOGOF at Sally’s I figured I show you this gorgeous color, Surreal Sunset

fingerpaints surreal sunset


fingerpaints surreal sunset-001cloudy

fingerpaints surreal sunset-002shade

fingerpaints surreal sunset-003shade

The base on FingerPaints Surreal Sunset is an olive green and it’s packed with color shifting mirco glitter/flakes(?). It shifts from gold to orange to rose depending on the angel you look at it. I used two coats on it’s own for my swatch but you could do 1 coat over black for a more intense color. While the formula was nice I felt it took a long time to dry (I forgot to mention also having this issue with Peach Beach Scene), all of the other colors, especially the textures, dried fairly fast. However, this seemed to be very dentable long after applying (even with quick dry top coat and drying drops).  With the drying time aside the color of this is really pretty and worth picking up.

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