FingerPaints Palette of Perfection…

Purchased by Me

Have I mentioned that FingerPaints are BOGOF this month at Sally’s? 😉 Aside from the holo and textures that I picked up I also got this beauty, Palette of Perfection. This color is super pretty, it’s glowy and shimmery and seems to change colors depending on the light (it’s NOT a color shifter but the shimmer “flashes” more in certain lighting). It has a red base and red and gold shimmer. The gold shimmer is very strong and gives it that glowy, fiery look…love!

fingerpaints palette of perfectionsun

fingerpaints palette of perfection-002sun (blurred to show shimmer)

fingerpaints palette of perfection-001sun

fingerpaints palette of perfection-003


fingerpaints palette of perfection-004

shade vs sun

Overall: If you aren’t a fan of textures but still want to take advantage of the BOGOF sale I would highly recommend Palette of Perfection. This is 2 coats with top coat, application and formula was great and average dry time.

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