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Today I have another of the Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmers to show you. When I bought this I was actually really excited about it, I don’t own many mint polishes and the fact that this one also had golden shimmer, like Sugar Plum, I thought it was going to be stunning. However, this color was a big fail for me (insert sad face). First, the textured is not like Sugar Plum, “sandy”, instead it’s semi smooth but bumpy. It’s more like the concrete texture that Nails Inc came out with, it doesn’t feel rough to the touch just bumpy. Second, the shimmer is hidden. I think if the shimmer showed through like it does in Sugar Plum I would like this so much more, but sadly it’s barely there and can only be seen in certain lighting/angels. But I think the main reason I don’t really like this color is simply, it doesn’t go with my skintone. There’s just something about the color that I feel looks “off” to me and the only thing I can think of is I’m too pale (with pink undertone) to wear it.

sally hansen mint tint-001 sally hansen mint tint-002


For this swatch I used 2 coats plus a thin top coat. The formula was good but I just don’t like the finish.

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