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Today I wanted to share these full cover floral water decal nail stickers from KKCenterHk…..
The directions are a bit confusing, the images show you submerge the sticker in water than apply it to the nail but the text says to just apply it straight onto the nail. Follow the images NOT the text! These decals are not like regular nail stickers that have a sticky backing.
With these you need to select the size that will fit your nail, there’s not many to chose from as you only get 12 decals, cut it out then submerge it into water. While the decal is being prepped, apply your base coat. I tried applying these decals straight to my nails but they simply slid off, so you want to have a tacky base in order for these to apply correctly. Before your base coat fully dries, remove the decal from it’s paper backing, apply it to your nail (you’ll want to go one nail at a time) and smooth out any air bubbles. Trim off the excess length, don’t worry if it doesn’t lay perfectly flat top coat will fix that. Apply a generous amount of top coat, and gently press down any wrinkles with your top coat brush.  It may sound difficult but once you try it, it’s super easy.
I did notice that the decals cracked slightly after applying top coat, but for me that wasn’t a problem. I actually like the look of the tiny fractures because they add a vintage feel to the roses, like old porcelain.
Price: $7.67 for 1 sheet that contains 12 sizes.

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