Rain at Sunset…

I’m going all out of order and counting this one as the “nature” theme. Because well, the colors remind me of a sunset and water is part of nature, so this is my nature mani ha! (At least I didn’t count it as watercolor lol 😉 )
I wanted to retake swatches of my I Love Nail Polish UltraChromes because I accidently had the camera on the wrong setting when I did the original swatches. And seeing that I’m a bit obsessive with my pics I felt it was only right to retake the pics with the correct setting..I hope you enjoy…
(L to R) My Little Glacier, Birefringence, Cygnus Loop, and Mutagen
(2 coats alone)
 full sun
 Brighter spot in the shade
Nails in motion..
After I originally swatched them, I left Birefringence on for a couple of days and every time I took a shower I couldn’t stop staring at my nails! When water droplets form on the nail you get to see not only the color shift, much like the underwater shots, but you also still see the base color at the same time making it super gorgeous. When I decided to re-swatch these I knew I had to capture this effect and let me tell you it was so hard to narrow down pics to post because these are probably some the prettiest pics I’ve ever taken….
For the water droplets I lightly sprayed water onto my nails.
These are still available at : ILoveNailPolish.com
Also, what do you think of my new watermark? Yay or Nay?

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6 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    You can make this water droplet effect permanent by adding dots of gel polish onto your polish and curing it! I have these on my nails now

    • sonja says:

      I was thinking of coarse gel polish drops,quick dry Polish,or clear top coat….I bet any of these would work….just giving idea’s for those who might not have any gel Polish,but definitely metalic’s are a must~ I can’t think of any other types of Polish this nail art would work on, Enjoy your nail art

    • Jonnie says:

      I am hooked! I want them. What polish are you using? Hour do I curl the gel to make drops?

      • francine says:

        I used the ILNP Multichromes, there’s a link at the end of the post. Curing times depend on the gel and lamp, refer to what your directions say.

  2. NailaDay says:

    Oh my…if I didn’t already own these, I would be hating myself right now.

  1. July 6, 2014

    […] last week’s water drops, today’s mani is just nail stickers… OMG Nail Strips in Blue Bubbles indoors […]

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