It’s Yardigans!…

Finally!! It’s only 2 weeks late but here are my character nails lol. I chose The Backyardigans because my boys love this show. Every night before bed they cuddle up on the couch with me so we can watch an episode. Unlike most of the shows they watch The Backyardigans is very enjoyable, the music is catchy (yes I find so of the songs stay stuck in my head) and it has good morals. When I first picked this image I thought it would be simple and easy to recreate, 6 hours and 2 weeks later I finally finished them.
 When my older son saw these he goes, “Yardigans!!” (that’s what he calls the show lol)
I’m glad I did these on false nails due to the time it took to make them, but I wish I would have done them all on larger nails so that I had more space to work with =/ (live and learn).
But since I wasn’t going to wear them I decided to mount them, these are the first nails I’ve done with very high detail and I’m really pleased with how they came out.
These were done entirely with acrylic paints.

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