My New and Improved Battlestation….

I’m so excited to finally have finish my polish/makeup room and I promised I would share the progress and final result with you guys…

First my make up desk..

We happened to have this piece of plywood laying around that had the perfect dimensions (2’x4′) for a desk. So I painted the bottom white..
I then took some white tiles that I found at the house and created 2 rows of medium tiles and 1 row of small tile in between. Filling in the gap between each row with a some silver and rhinestone “ribbon”(it’s called ribbon but it’s made of silver coated plastic). I then took some silver glitter ribbon and used that around the border of the plywood.
I made the legs from plain wooden legs from Home Depot..
then I spray painted them with one coat of silver..
then a generous coat of glitter…
Attaching the to the table was super easy. I bought the table leg attachments that screw into the plywood and allow you to simply screw the legs into the attachment.
Final result…
How awesome is that mirror!! I found it at Target and fell in love, it goes perfectly in this room!
close up of the ribbon in between the tiles
I feel so relaxed and girly when I put my makeup on now. This is a great improvement from sitting on the floor in front of a tiny mirror lol.
Now onto my polish desk…
The top of the desk is a white MDF board I got at Home Depot and I nailed some holographic ribbon around the border and placed it on top of my blinged out helmers..
 such a plain helmer =(
 one coat of silver
 generous coat of glitter
This is the silver and glitter I used for both my helmers and the table legs.
Final result…
My room..
(wall color is Behr Cool Jazz)
I am so in love with this space, just being in it makes me feel relaxed and at peace.
I hope this inspires you to create a space of your own that allows you to get away from your stress and let you find peace and relaxation (if only for 20 minutes a day).

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4 Responses

  1. TracyN says:

    Wow! It looks amazing. Glad you moved to the Bay area. We’re practically neighbors. xx

  2. Annie Suzie says:

    So so love the silver Helmer table

  3. Mina says:

    Your room improvements are so great!! And I love the little hollow detail on your polish desk! Oh, what I’m on about! i love all the details you added to both your desks! So awesome! And you have sparked a lil’ flame within my brain for a little change on my polish headquarters as well 😉
    thank you!!! **

  4. POW Nails says:

    Love this so much – I am jealous!

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