Fing’rs Get Spotted…

As soon as I saw there was an OPI Spotted dupe available in the US  I got super excited. Until I saw this review from Gianna at Nouveau Cheap. Nevertheless, I felt the need to purchase it anyways (lol). And I’m really glad I did because it’s AMAZING and I think Gianna may have gotten a bad bottle/batch(?).
The kit comes with a full size Get Spotted and 2 mini neon polishes (blue and pink)
 (L to R: all thin coats and no topcoat, unless noted)
over pink acrylic neon*, over Orly Cotton Candy(matte top coat), over Orly Cotton Candy(top coatted), over Sally Hansen Sonic Bloom, over China Glaze Son of a Peach, over Fing’rs neon pink (thin coat), over Fing’rs neon pink (thick coat)
*note how over acrylic paint this becomes both a CRACKLE and SPOTTED!!! How cool is that!?!?!
First let’s talk about application and thin coats vs thick coats. The formula on this is super watery and must be done over COMPLETELY DRY nails. This is the perfect next day addition to a mani because this ensure the base color is totally cured.
To do a thin coat you need to wipe almost all of the polish off the brush, when you think you’ve wiped off too much that’s the amount you need. Applying an (extremely) thin coat will produce lots of tiny spots.  For a thick coat you still need to wipe off most of the polish leaving a tiny drop at the tip of the brush. If you feel you’ve applied too much simply wipe the brush on a paper towel then swipe the brush over the nail to soak up any excess polish. Continue wiping the brush and swiping the nail until you’ve reached your desired spotted effect.
 (L to R) thin coat vs thick coat
Overall I really like this kit, I think it’s fun and adds a really cool effect to the nail. You can play around with how thick or thin you apply it and you will get a different effect each time which makes it unique and interesting.
Price: This retails for $6.48 a kit (1 Get Spotted(.45oz) and 2 mini polishes(.18oz): neon blue and pink. At this price I really think it’s back up worthy especially since I don’t know if it will be a core item.
I did use this over my current mani and will post the results tomorrow!

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  1. Mine sooo doesn’t look like this, lucky girl! 🙂

  2. Summer says:

    Awesome, I am glad to see that this actually does work!

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