Nabi Hologram Collection…

Purchased by Me

Recently I heard talk of these new holos that came from Nabi and I decided to pick up a set of 12 in colors I was missing (and hoped was) in my Layla collection…

Aren’t they gorgeous!!!
*all swatches are 2 coats no topcoat (unless noted)*
L(ight) Pink
Navy Blue
Comparison to Layla Ocean Rush-
Cinnahon (yes it has an ‘h’ instead of an ‘m’)
I called this one a pretty “nude”
Bron(z)e (missing the ‘z’)
This pulls very orange.
Deep dusty purple/burgundy
Dark Purple
Black Berry
Reddish brown version of Tawny
Hot Pink
OMG, I’m in love!! It truly is hot pink!
FINALLY!! A true red, notĀ fuchsia (I’m looking at you Layla ‘Red Taboo’). Of all the colors I’m over the moon about this one!
Purple toned deep pink.
Blue toned purple.
L. Pink, Hot Pink and Flamingo
Tawny vs Black Berry
(L to R) Orly Top 2 Bottom, SH ID (triangularĀ bottle), SH ID(red bottle) mixed with SV, The Rock TC, Orly Polished, Nutra Nail Speed Dry TC, Salon Sciences LCD, Nails Inc Caviar TC, Avon uv gloss TC, WnW Wild Shine clear nail protection, SH Miracle Nail Thickener.
Top cot doesn’t seem to effect the holo but I’d avoid quick dry TC’s as the holo was less noticeable.
How do they compare to other holos?
Layla Retro Pink, Nabi Cinnahon, Color Club Halo-Graphic
Layla Retro Pink, Nabi Cinnahon, Color Club Halo-Graphic
Nabi is similar in formula to the Layla holos, meaning it’s colored and holo pigment suspended in a clear base and can apply patchy (not as bad as Layla though) . Whereas, Color Club holos are ultra smooth more like a colored polish that has a holo flair. Of the 3, Layla has the strongest flair, Color Club has the best formula and Nabi has the BEST color selection.
Since these have a sheer,Ā build-ableĀ formula they are great for layering…
2 coats of Red and 2 coats of Red over China Glaze Cranberry Splash.
The difference may be subtle but in person it has more depth and is stunning.
If you don’t have any holos or like me want to fill in missing colors you wish were in Layla’s collection these are perfect! I’m not sure if they are sold in stores, I know Walgreens carried the Nabi magnetics but I have no idea if they will get these.
For now they are available on Amazon (set of 24= ~$2.45/e + shipping)Ā and Ebay(set of 12= ~$3.20/e, free shipping).

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  1. These are really pretty colors! Perfect for summer! I’m following your blog now! I found you through the new Bay Area Bloggers group Silvana created!! Great blog!

  2. This is stolenglimpse from MUA, you did a much, much, much, much better blog post than I did on these, makes me kinda ashamed of mine now but I’m still new to this šŸ™‚

    I love these so much, I think they’ll have a special place just for them, haha!

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