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I was so excited about today’s post because I’ve been wanting to try NCLA nail wraps for a long time now. Of all the nail wraps available NCLA has the most unique and beautiful that I’ve seen..
The design I’m reviewing today is called Aly En Vogue (LE), which has a floral print over black and a choice of two different nude chevrons. One is a beige nude while the other is a cream with a slight green tinge. These wraps differ from other wraps, such as Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects because these are basically designs printed on a thin plastic-like film. They are super thin and flexible allowing you to pull and shape them to fit your nail. But this also means they have the potential to wrinkle easier than polish wraps because air can get trapped under them.  If you do get air bubbles you can simply remove it and try again due to the fact these don’t have an adhesive backing.
I found they were very easy to apply, but it did take some time to smooth out all of the edges. *Tip: you want to go a size(or 2) larger than what you think will fit on the nail in order for the wrap to cover from side wall to side wall.
Overall: These wraps are stunning! The design is so clear and pretty. I do want to point out something for this particular design, since it is printed on a template the chevron might be slightly off center when you apply it to the nail. It wasn’t enough to detract from the overall look though.
Price: Each NCLA nail wrap pack comes with 2 sheets of 22 nail wraps for $16 and they are available at

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  1. Very pretty!! I have a set coming to me too and I can’t wait to try them out 🙂

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