Spotted Rainbow…

Soo excited about today post because it’s just that awesome!! If you haven’t heard about the amazing new technique Cutepolish came up with you must check it out!! Ever since OPI released their Black Spotted polish everyone outside of France has been trying to get their hands on it. The exclusivity of it skyrocketed the price of it on ebay and making the only way to get it is through connections with someone in France =(.

That was until the Cutepolish came up with the brilliant way to recreate it! This technique really is super easy to do, even if you aren’t good at watermarbling you can do this!

The best part, since you are creating the effect yourself you can use any polish and color(provided  it spreads in water) you want!!!

I used Color Club Fashion addict alternated with Wet’nWild Black Creme. I’m so in love!

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2 Responses

  1. Karoline says:

    GREAT mani with holos <3


  2. That is awesome!!! Love randomness of the spots and Fashion Addict is a great choice!

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