As some of you know I moved out to California a little over 6 months ago and it was a really big change for my family and I. Both my husband and I were born and raised in Florida and never thought we’d have the opportunity to love anywhere else, but when my husband was offered the chance to move out here we were very excited.

Growing up in Florida you become very used to the weather (hot, humid and just plain disgusting lol) and find it hard to believe that other places can be warm without making you sweat after being outside for 2 seconds. One of the things I love about our current city, Fremont, is the weather is always perfect! I love being able to take my boys outside everyday and watch them run around and play. Another great thing about this city is how family/kid friendly it is. Just about every weekend we have something planned for the kids, whether it’s a kid (and toddler/preschool) centered theme park, the zoo or one of the many playgrounds around us.

When I saw the Pure Ice My City contest I immediately thought of this picture…

Every time we take the boys to the park their favorite thing to do is chase the many ducks, geese and birds that are always hanging around. And it’s things like this that make me love this city. I know when my kids grow up they will look back at their childhood and remember all of the great times they had being able to run, play and enjoy themselves in an environment centered around their needs.

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  1. beachgal says:

    Now where do I go to find who else is entered into this contest – is there a list somewhere or those little thumbnail photos with hyperlinks on each one to the various blog sites?

  2. beachgal says:

    Really cute – I know if I was into nail art (meaning I could paint anything but a stick figure what my town would be – we have a landmark rock out of the shore here that my town is named for – it’s an old left over volcanic peak and was used as a rock quarry for eons…it’s one of the big hallmarks that looms up as you drive up or down the northern coast of CA.

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