China Glaze Holiday Joy 2012 Collection: Part 2….

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Part 2 of the China Glaze 2012 Holiday Collection….

**all glitter swatches have 3 coats unless otherwise noted**

(top coat on index and ring fingers)
Winter Holly has dark green and holo micro glitter in a clear base.  This color is so gorgeous!! Micro glitters tend to dry very gritty so this does require a thick top coat (like Gelous) or several layers of regular top coat in order for it to be smooth and glossy.

Glitter All the Way is like a glitter fruit cake exploded on my nails (lol). It has red and purple micro glitter mixed with green and gold glitter in a clear base.

Pizzaz is a bottle of bling! OMG so shiny!! It has orange, purple, blue, silver and gold tiny glitters mixed with purple and silver glitter. I’m not a fan of the mega glitter polishes (maybe it would look better layered over a base color) but this is so shiny I kinda like it lol.

(top coat on index and ring fingers)
Champagne Kisses is my favorite of the collection, it’s such a beautiful nude glitter. It has rose gold, gold silver and pink micro glitter in a clear base.

In case you were wondering here is Champagne Kisses compared to I’m not Lion and as you can tell I’m not Lion is a true gold tone whereas Champagne Kisses is a rose gold.

(top coat on index and ring fingers)
Angel Wings has gold and holo micro glitter in a clear base. I don’t really like this yellow gold against my skintone but the color itself is super pretty.

Glistening Snow is soooo gorgeous! It has silver and holo micro glitter in a clear base and it is a must have!

Here is Glistening Snow compared to Fairy Dust. In the bottle these do look similar but as you can see they are SO different. Fairy Dust is meant for layering over another polish, it just has holo micro glitter in a clear base and after 5 (yes FIVE!) coats it’s not even close to opaque.
Overall: I LOVE the glitters in this collection, they go on even and look great after 2 coats but I added a 3rd just to make them fully opaque. Dry time and formula is great on all of them.
Price: You can buy these colors individually for $4.25 or prepackaged in adorable giftsets starting at $7 to $17.50 depending on how many colors are in the set at

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  1. one of my rottweilers is wearing china glaze polished rubys on her front toe nails.

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