A Taste of Honey…

purchased by me

I recently picked up the Clinique Taste of Honey lip set from Sephora and I thought I’d do a mini review on them lol, because the’re minis so I’m doing a “mini” review, get it 😉 …oook onto the pics…

 (from L to R) Black Honey, Luscious Honey, Flirty Honey, Shy Honey

Black Honey: a warm brownish red/borderline plum
Luscious Honey: bright pink
Flirty Honey: medium pink
Shy Honey: pale pink

All of these colors go one very sheer but you can build up the color, however, you will never achieve an opaque look because they are meant to be color tints not lipsticks. The feel of these is very nice they aren’t sticky or slick, they feel similar to a lip balm. And while the color doesn’t really last too long they do leave your lips feeling soft, even after the color wears away you can still feel product on your lips when you rub them together.
Note the size of the product, these are meant to be a sample try me kit geared to holiday gift giving.
L: Clinique Flirty Honey R: Maybelline Forever Lipcolor in Punch
This set retails for $29.50 and is currently not in stock at Sephora.com but they might still be available at the retail stores.

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