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Like I said in yesterday’s post I recently received these beautiful 8mm Glitter Grain Pink Clover nail art decorations from KKCenterHk and I was so excited to try them out!

These lovely flowers may look large in the stock photo, which I was slightly concerned about, but they are actually on the small side and relatively flat.
What you get: 3 flowers packaged in a thick plastic baggie.
The flowers are made of a translucent pale pink resin that has green and orange-ish glitter embedded inside and the center contains a small rhinestone. What’s not to love about these, they’re so girly and fun! They’re pink with glitter and bling, it’s like all my favorite things in one tiny flower!
The only downside to them is the fact that they are made of resin and don’t have any flexibility so they just sit on top of the nail rather than conforming to the nail (this would be achieved by creating an acrylic flower directly onto the nail). However, if your looking to use these for a special occasion this isn’t a big issue.
There are several ways you can apply them depending on how long you want them to last on your nail. (For all methods I would use tweezers when handling the flowers to allow for precise placement)
  1. For minimal wear, such as a special event, apply a quick dry topcoat then immediately place the flower into the desired position and allow to fully dry before using your fingers. Meaning try not to bump your nail into anything while it’s drying or you risk moving the flower/smudging your polish.
  2. For extended wear, use a topcoat that is designed to adhere rhinestones (there is one available at Sally’s called For Rhinestones Only). Using a the tip of the brush apply a dab of polish to the nail in the location you wish to place the flower then place the flower on top. Allow to dry.
  3. Alternatively to the Rhinestone topcoat you could use a drop of nail glue.
  4. Either place the glue onto the back of the flower or onto the nail then adhere the flower to your nail. **Note using nail glue will require you to soak the nail in acetone to make sure it doesn’t damage you nail, DO NOT pull it off!
Here I applied them over WnW Black Creme and surrounded them with Swarovski crystals (because who does love bling?!)
 Blurred to show the sparkle
close up
Overall: for $5.13 these are a great way to add a bit of sparkle and bling to your nails. And the great part is you can reuse them. After removal take an acetone soaked cotton swab and remove any glue or polish left on the back of it and save it for another time!

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  1. Gah that cute! I think they look like the kawaii nails! Very lovely!

    Jazz x

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