Glitter Opal Gradient…

For the longest time I have been on the hunt for Revlon Runway Pearl, I originally found it at Walgreens but passed on it. And then of course I decided I had to have that color and could no longer find it =(. Luckily on a recent trip to Target I was searching through the clearance bin and found a Pixi polish that looked exactly like Runway Pearl, called Opal Sheen.

 This is 3 coats! It was opaque at 2 but due to formula issues it needed a 3rd coat to be even. The formula is very thick and goopy and it took forever to dry even with a quick dry top coat. But just look at that color! It’s a warm white duochrome. It shifts from white to a pink/purple with just a hint of shimmer=beautiful!

I thought I’d jazz it up a bit by adding some glitter-

On top of the 3 coats of Pixi Opal Sheen I applied a quick dry top coat and sprinkled some loose glitter on top (Magic Mint and Snow glitter). Then I added Sally Hansen Ring-a Ding!, Sally Girl Later and Glitzy. The combo of Magic Mint and Snow glitter reminded me of Essie Shine of the Times so I thought I’d show off the pretty bottle =)

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4 Responses

  1. I really love how pretty your nails always are! A beautiful color! <3

  2. It’s a very pretty gradient, but I can see how the dry time must have been slow, that’s no fun…
    Would you consider removing that annoying word verification, it’s so difficult to read – but your commentators have to do it to comment 🙂

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