Moving out to Cali…

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, my husband was offered a huge job opportunity so we are in the process of moving out to California! I’ve been going crazy trying to get things in order because we leave at the end of the month!! I’ve lived in South Florida all my life so this is going to be a huge change for me but I’m looking forward to the beautiful weather out there(I’ve been waiting days to take these pics because it’s been raining).

But I couldn’t resist doing a celebratory California mani, so here you go…

 When I walked out into the living room this morning there was this bright ray of sunlight shinning into the room and I couldn’t resist capturing the beauty of these rainbows.

 Stamped with WnW Black Creme using Mash image plate 28 and then I lined the tips…

I can’t say enough how much I love holo( I used Layla Coral Glam and Retro Pink) and this mani just came out gorgeous! I’m going to try and get up early enough to catch another ray of sunlight and take more pics!

I’m planning to post my mother’s day haul soon (tease: I got 24 Kleancolors!!) but after that I won’t be able to post much because I have to ship my polish out there so I’ll have to wait until I get them back to be able to do my nails again =(

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4 Responses

  1. euzefelus_27 says:

    wow!! goodluck on moving!!! perfect nails for cali

  2. Estivalia says:

    holy holos! I need me some laylas!

    and omg, that’a a long way to move! Congrats to your husband on his new job 🙂 And good luck on the move, we’ll be waiting for you 🙂

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