Happy Easter..

I am super pleased with how my Easter nails came out! I have tried doing gradients with a makeup sponge in the past and the results were horrible ( I think my problem was not letting the base coat dry) but then I found this really great tutorial by Laynie over at Layniefingers and I had to give it another try. Her tutorial allows you to get the most perfect airbrushed gradient nails, just awesomeness!

But to make my Easter nails more Easter-y I added a fuzzy bunny. Yes you heard FUZZY bunny! I used white flocking powder (like Jen at The PolishAholic did a while ago) to make an adorable little bunny.  And it’s soft!

Happy Easter….

 My fuzzy bunny!!
Hope you enjoyed! If you try this tutorial I would love to see your pics! =)

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2 Responses

  1. Jayne says:

    Awwww! This reminds me of the book “Pat the Bunny”! The gradient turned out really well, fantastic job!

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