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Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin has been a staple for breastfeeding moms for over 20 years but this isn’t a one trick pony there are so many uses for this product. It is mainly used for dry cracked skin that occurs during breastfeeding, but it’s also great for dry lips (I use it every night and it keeps my lips nice and soft), cuticles, and even stubborn diaper rashes (rub in diaper cream then apply HPA lanolin on top and it creates a waterproof barrier that allows the rash to heal faster).

I was first recommended Lansinoh HPA Lanolin* by my Lactation Consultant when my first son was born and it has been a lifesaver. However, you need so little that when I stopped breastfeeding I was left with about half a tube so I started using it as a lip balm and cuticle cream. There are many products that contain lanolin like Medela Tender Care Lanolin, BagBalm, NOW Foods pure lanolin, etc., but Lansinoh’s version is the only one made with medical grade lanolin ( meaning if you have allergies to sheep, wool, or lanolin you should be able to use this with no issues). I liked having medical grade lanolin because I didn’t have to remove it before breastfeeding as it is safe to ingest, also means you don’t have to remove it before eating (if you were to eat something with your hands, like a candy bar yum!)

This can be found in the baby section of major drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. and is also available on Amazon)

*- this used to be called Nipple Cream and was recently changed to HPA Lanolin when they redid the packaging and even more recently they have reduced the amount from 2oz to 1.41oz.

 This is a super thick cream and it helps to rub it between your fingers before applying, to warm it up.  When you first get it you must squeeze, squeeze, squeeze it can be very difficult to get out, it gets easier as you use it though. After rubbing it on my cuticles whatever is left on my fingertips I rub into my hands like you would with lotion.

I use this as the last step in my nightly moisturizing routine. I use it to “seal” in my lotion and Nutra Nail Growth Formula( see here). I simply love this stuff!

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    This post is a great resource for so many blog things. Thanks for the info.

  2. I love this stuff! I made my boyfriend get it for me one day while he ran into the store to grab one item for dinner. LOL! He actually found it. I used it for about a week and then lost it and found it again last night. Your cuticles look amazing and I hope this works for me as well as it did for you!

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