Recent Haul…

I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

This actually has secret shimmer but the camera refused to pick it up =(

Then I wanted to test out the nail art pen. Oh boy was I disappointed, look at the awfulness it created…

I couldn’t believe how horribly this pen applied, it’s almost like a Sharpie threw up on the nail. Sometimes it went on very thin and watery,like a permanent marker, but then it would become thick and left nasty clumps. If you look at the detail pictures you can see that it left dents in the polish(I’ll take the blame for that though because the base coat wasn’t fully dry), so if you’re doing any kinda of art work it becomes very messy.

But now for some gorgeousness…

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I applied one coat over China Glaze Velvet Bow..
 It looks like a duochrome glass fleck shimmer

Then I added the rest of the Fx in the kit..

The Striper is a true gold and the glitter is a holographic gold (it comes in a squeeze tube that you “puff” onto wet nail polish, as you can see the base was still slightly tacky which is why there’s glitter scattered on the nail). I really like this set, aside from coming up with designs it’s super easy to use.
It comes in two different sets a warm and a cool…

And that’s my haul, hope you enjoyed =)

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2 Responses

  1. I found the kit at Walmart. I’ve been wanting to get some dotting tools and I think I might break down and get some soon.

  2. OMG where did you find those Nailene Artist Expressions? Those look amazing! You should buy a set of dotting tools! They are amazing and I got 5 for $0.99 on Ebay from Hong Kong. Took about 1.5 weeks to get to me but they are wonderful!

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