Sally Hansen Salon Chrome

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For most of this year the biggest trend has been chrome nails, and now that trend has moved to mainstream brands! Sally Hansen has created thisĀ all in oneĀ Salon Chrome kitĀ (retails around $15) which can be purchase at many brick and mortar retailers.

I was excited to try this so I made a short demo video:

Final look:


I like that you get the pigment with a water based top coatĀ water based top coat, as water based top coats/base coats can be hard to find in stores and you need it to seal the pigment before adding regular topĀ  coatĀ regular topĀ  coat. If you don’t do this step and just add regular top coat the pigment will “lift” and essentially become mixed with the top coat losing the shiny chrome effect. The pigment is decently sized, on par with what you can purchase from other chrome pigment suppliers, although it does seem to have a larger particle sizeĀ which meansĀ you don’t get that super smooth and shiny chrome look. The applicator was a nice try, but useless. Because it’s so thin after a couple of nails it began to fall apart, which means it is a one-time use applicator, although the kit would last you many, many applications, IĀ wound up switchingĀ to my own applicator. I followed the directions on the box which says to apply the Ā Miracle gel top coatĀ and then the pigment, but I didn’t find this very effective. I’m not sure of the top coat wasn’t shiny enough or it dried too quickly, but I prefer to use theĀ Mega Shine topĀ  coatĀ over the Miracle Gel. Next time I would use a different top coat before adding the pigment to see if I get better results, but otherwise I would purchase the other shades.

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  1. Sara says:

    The video is not very well seen, but it seems to me that the nails change color. I saw here the design of nails b-nails with the effect of a chameleon. I think this set also has such an effect.

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