B Polished Piece of My Heart Collection

This 5-piece collection is very near and dear to my heart. Each shade was inspired by my one of my late grandparents, and captures their essence perfectly.


dsc_4153dsc_4048Classic Beauty is a beautiful neutral mauve crelly. Two coats recommended. This shade was inspired by my maternal grandmother who always wore her mauve lipstick and nail polish, it’s a wonderful neutral that really does look great on everyone.



dsc_4124Forty-Seven Eleven is a turquoise thermal that shifts to a clear pale green. This shade contains gold, yellow, and rose flakies. Two-3 coats recommended (3 coats shown). This shade was inspired by my maternal grandfather who always had the largest bottle possible of 4711 sitting on the bathroom vanity.


dsc_4053Coffee & Crosswords is a rich brown with red shimmer and micro flakes. Two coats recommended. This shade was inspired by both of my maternal grandparents. Every morning they would have their coffee and work on the Sunday paper crossword puzzle with a red marker, no pencils for them!


dsc_4061dsc_4062 dsc_4072 dsc_4071Dear Sweet Pea is a rose peach thermal that shifts to a pale soft pink. This shade also contains green glass flecks and green to gold ultra chrome flakies. Two-3 coats recommended (3 coats shown). This shade was inspired by my paternal grandmother who’s nickname for me was Sweet Pea (If you’ve noticed these are the flowers I have tattooed on my wrist).

*I know these flowers aren’t sweet peas, they are apparently hard to come by

dsc_4083dsc_4085 dsc_4090 dsc_4089Engines in the Sky is a steel blue thermal that shifts to a golden warm nude. This shade has strong golden copper shimmer with yellow micro flakes. Two coats recommended. This shade was inspired by my paternal grandfather, who passed before I was born. I know he was a good family man that worked on engines for fighter planes at Pratt & Whitney.


dsc_4102 dsc_4106Knits & News is a rich black thermal that shifts to a clear grey. This shade is filled with rainbow micro flakes. Two- 3 coats recommended (3 coats shown). The last shade is in this collection was inspired by both of my paternal grandparents love of reading the daily newspaper and crocheting.

My grandparents were very special to me and shaped me into the person I am today, this collection is my small way of honoring them and their memory. I really happy with how all of these shades turned out and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

This collection is available now and is $10/e for single bottles or $53 for the full 6-piece collection.

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6 Responses

  1. I love this collection, especially the inspiration behind each polish!

  2. nichole says:

    I love Classic Beauty. It is so wearable.

  3. Beautiful collection! I love all the microflakes

  4. Engines in the Sky is my favorite, but I adore your inspirations. Such a wonderful way to honor their memory. What is 4711?

  5. Forty-Seven Eleven is so gorgeous! Makes me think of the ocean. 🙂

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