The Spider and the Fly

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I know I’ve been severely lacking in the Halloween mani department this year, but like many of my swatches this year..better late than never!

the-spider-and-the-fly-001 the-spider-and-the-fly-004 the-spider-and-the-fly-003 the-spider-and-the-fly-002

Let me start by saying I hate spiders, like terrified of them! When I see big ones in the house or on me (yes that’s happened!) I have horrible panic attacks, so with that said I actually really like how this mani turned out! I am currently so obsessed with the new Bundle Monster House of Horrors collection, it has some of the best set of images in all of their collections. If you haven’t picked up this set yet, you must! And you will not regret it!

To create this mani: Index- I used B Polished Midnight in Death Valley with one coat of Lethe on top, then stamped with BM-S241 using Midnight in Death Valley. Middle- I used 3 coats of Lethe and stamped with BM-S243 using Midnight in Death Valley. Ring- I used Midnight in Death Valley and stamped with Uber Chic Halloween 01 using Lethe, for the spider I glued 2 AB craft crystals together that I got from Michael’s then I cut an AB Laser Strand into 8 small pieces and glued it to the “body”. I then painted the legs in a coat of glue to stiffen and shape them, otherwise they stick out straight. To hide where I attached the legs I glue another AB crystal to the top of the body. Pinky- I used B Polished Midnight in Death Valley with one coat of Lethe on top, then stamped with Color Club Marble and BM-S241 using Midnight in Death Valley. I topped all my nails with B Polished Prism Shield top coat.

I hope you liked this mani as much as I do!

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14 Responses

  1. Melissa says:

    This is fabulous!! I love it!

  2. Bethany says:

    That amazing!!

  3. What!! You made those legs??? That’s INCREDIBLE!

  4. I love how you go hard for Halloween every year.

  5. I’m the same way with spiders, so I don’t blame you. I do agree, this turned out beautifully!!

  6. I am lucky to lack the fear of spiders. You are brave for putting them on your nails, albeit the cute versions!

  7. The Jedi Wife says:

    I LOVE the 3D spider! Such a great way to design it!

  8. Love this mani! That spider is so cute!

  9. Traci says:

    Yes we all know I neeeeed Lethe. Gotta pick it up before it runs out!

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