That’s Shore Movin Out

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Going to do a Throwback Thursday post today to a mani that I did in February of last year! (But never posted  😐 )…

OPI Movin OutNot sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I have transitioned away from buying new collections (minus colors I really love) and have started collecting rare and hard to finds. This is a mani I did using OPI Movin Out over China Glaze That’s Shore Bright . I really love this combo and Movin Out is just a stunning topper, if you ever find it, grab it!

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7 Responses

  1. Erase Repair says:

    I love the color. It’s simple yet very elegant. The kind of shade I want for my nail polish as well. Thanks for sharing this and for giving us an idea of the kind of brand that we should get when it comes to choosing a nail polish. Yeah, it’s stunning in you!

  2. It’s my favorite color and it looks gorgeous in your nails. I have the same shade last month but I got a scratch on it on my nails so I change it. But this month, I am planning to put the same kind of shade again and I’m so excited already. Thanks for giving an inspiration.

  3. Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen this one!

  4. Nichole C says:

    I need more shiny things, apparently.

  5. I adore this polish. I’m only missing 2 from this collection. I won’t be happy until I’ve found them. I think I need to pull this one back out to use again.

  6. The Jedi Wife says:

    This is a gorgeous combination! I’m so glad you’re finally sharing it!!

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