Radial Roses

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Going to put todays look in the ‘didn’t turn out as expected’ category. I have been seeing some amazing radial gradients lately and thought I’d try it out. Unfortunately, the colors I chose were too similar and didn’t show up that well.  🙁

OPI Brights Collection 2015-023From outer to inner I used OPI Can’t Hear Myself Pink, Hotter Then you Pink, and Down to the Core-al. Then I stamped it with Pueen SE02A using B Polished Midnight in Death Valley. I do like how this came out, but I wish I picked better colors for the radial effect…there’s always next time!

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10 Responses

  1. Lexi says:

    Even if it wasn’t exactly what you were aiming for, I still think its amazing! Your stamping is so crisp and perfect!

  2. I hate when my manicure doesn’t turn out as I expected but this one is still beautiful.

  3. Melissa says:

    Aw, I hate when I can’t get something to look like what it is in my mind’s eye. Super pretty anyways!

  4. Kim P says:

    Awesome stamping!!

  5. Moni'sMani says:

    These are so pretty!!

  6. Nichole C says:

    at first, I read “radical roses” and I thought “yeah, these are pretty damned radical.”

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