Pure Ice Popular Shades

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Spring may be over but soft spring shades are always a win in my book. And these popular shades from Pure Ice were just begging to be used for a spring floral mani.

Pure Ice Spring 2015-005(L to R) Luck You!, Wild Thing, Laven-dare Lilaclism, Spitfire

Lucky You! is a light pink creme with a thin easy to apply formula, two coats gives you full opaque coverage.

Wild Thing is a yellow-green creme, opaque in two coats.

Laven-dare Lilaclism is a soft pale lavender. Applies on the sheer side and needs 3 coats for full opaque coverage, has slight patching at 2 coats.

Spitfire is a pink and holo hex glitter topper in a translucent pink base. The formula is on the thin side for a glitter topper but applies thick, which I  know makes no sense. It also has very poor suspension…

Pure Ice Spring 2015-001 Pure Ice Spring 2015Almost all of the glitter sinks to the bottom, and even with a really good shaking doesn’t re-suspend. I needed to stir it with an orangewood stick in order to get the glitters to fully mix back into the base.

Pure Ice Spring 2015-004 Pure Ice Spring 2015-003Pure Ice Spring 2015-002I create this look with 3 coats of Laven-dare Lilaclism as a base color, then used Luck You!, Laven-dare Lilaclism, Spitfire, and Wild thing to make the roses. The accent nail has a base color of Sally Hansen OMGhost and a watermarble using Wild thing, Luck You! and Laven-dare Lilaclism. Then I stamped it with MM42 using B Polished Midnight in Death Valley (launching soon!) and added some sparkle using Spitfire.

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11 Responses

  1. Such a cute mani! It’s a shame about the poor suspension in Spitfire because the glitters in it look so pretty.

  2. Alexis says:

    I’m sure sure that these are shades that I would normally gravitate towards, but you make them look so good in your nail art. The little flowers are adorable!

  3. Love love love the butterfly accent nail! You did a beautiful job on it.

  4. You put them all together so beautifully! The lilac is perfection though!

  5. I love love love the mani you created here! It is simple but stunning.

  6. Melissa says:

    Gorgeous mani. I love how you used them all. Too bad about the sinking glitter.

  7. Nichole C says:

    I wish we had the Pure Ice stuff around here. Our walmart has 3 bottles…and they are half used 🙁

    Also, how does this lilacism compare with Essie’s Lilacism I wonder?

  8. The Jedi Wife says:

    Your nail art is stunning! I’ve not noticed any issues with the Pure Ice glitters I have sinking so I’m sad to see yours is giving you trouble. I’m too lazy to stir- I just store upside down for a good 20 minutes before application.

  9. Very pretty mani! Too bad about the sinking glitter but you made it work.

  10. Oh..I love the lilac shade!

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