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As promised (like forever ago), today I have swatches of the NYC Midnight Beauty Collection…

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Midnight Beauty.NEFDark Rebirth, Immortal Vixen, and Red or Alive


Midnight Beauty Dark Rebirth

Midnight Beauty.NEF-001Immortal Vixen

Midnight Beauty.NEF-002Red or Alive


Midnight Beauty-009ingredients

Midnight Beauty.NEF-003 Dark Rebirth, Immortal Vixen, and Red or Alive

Dark Rebirth is a semi-pigmented black. Immortal Vixen is a semi pigmented deep burgundy┬áwith a red base. Red or Alive is pigmented bright blue based red. These all have a soft waxy formula that’s easy to apply but not extremely pigmented. While they are soft they aren’t very creamy and may take several passes to get the color fully opaque. Since these do contain fragrances I couldn’t swatch them on my lips =(

Price: $1.99

Midnight Beauty.NEF-004This is what they look like after removing with a makeup removing wipe. Not sure if they would stain the lips but these do have lasting pigment qualities.

Midnight Beauty-006Midnight Beauty.NEF-011Vampiress contains a nude (for me) shimmer, a deep burgundy, a deep plum and a soft black, plus the primer and illuminator (creams). The shadows are soft and easy to apply but not highly pigmented so they take several application to get a rich color payoff, with the exception of the black which was more pigmented. I used this palette to create the pirate eye look I did for Halloween.

Price: $4.99

Midnight Beauty-005Midnight Beauty.NEF-012Hate the Light contains a shimmery beige nude, a light taupe, a charcoal grey, and a soft black, plus the primer and illuminator. The shadows have a similar texture and wear the Vampiress palette, they are slightly more pigmented because they are darker colors but go on soft and blend easily.

Price: $4.99

Midnight Beauty.NEF-008Midnight Beauty.NEF-009Midnight Beauty-003Midnight Beauty.NEF-010
Midnight Beauty-004Midnight Beauty-014finished eye, curled lashes, no mascara

Midnight Beauty-015finished eye, curled lashes, two coats of mascara

Midnight Beauty-016close-up: finished eye, curled lashes, no mascara

Midnight Beauty-017close-up: finished eye, curled lashes, two coats of mascara

The Big Curl wand is fairly large which can make it difficult to reach the inner and outer corners of the eye and offers decent thickening/lengthening but not very impressive. I didn’t notice any curling effect, my lashes will only stay curled with waterproof mascaras, which this is not, so after two coats I noticed my lashes begging to uncurl slightly. The formula is nice and easy to apply, it’s not thick or runny and doesn’t clump even after several coats. It dries fairly quick but doesn’t get “crunchy”, it stays soft yet dry, unlike most non-waterproof mascaras which don’t seem to dry and stay tacky (which I HATE!). Overall this is a decent mascara, but I’m not a fan.

Price: $4.99

Midnight Beauty.NEF-005Midnight Beauty.NEF-006Midnight Beauty-001Midnight Beauty-002Midnight Beauty.NEF-007Midnight Beauty-018Liquid Eyeliner is a standard black liner with a brush applicator. I already owned this liner, and use it everyday to make a subtle wing just to extended the look of the outer lashes. It’s a nice liner, the brush isn’t my favorite though, it has a blunt tip which can make precision wings difficult. The formula goes on kind of streaky and it’s not intensely black but it dries quickly and lasts decently throughout the day, if you run it or tear it will come off.

Price: $2.99

Midnight Beauty-007Midnight Beauty-008Halloween Devilish lashes are very full and intense, drama lashes!

Price: $2.99

Overall: This is a nice makeup collection for the price. The shadows and lipsticks have pretty good pigmentation and last well throughout the day. The liner and mascara are nice and great for the price.

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10 Responses

  1. Vic says:

    I can’t quite get into the idea of wearing black lip pie myself but I bet it would look great on you.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Looks like a great bunch of items!

  3. Emily says:

    Great review!! I particularly love the Vampiress palette.

  4. I have to say, your eyebrows are my favorite part! They are so full! I have a thing for good brows! Love Red or Alive!

  5. Deborah says:

    The 2 red lipsticks are a nice color but it sounds like the formula is a bit cheap. You have beautiful eyes!

  6. Meghan says:

    I like those eyeshadow palettes! They look like fun even though they may be more work. ­čÖé

  7. This is a great post girl, and I like the look you created with that darker palette. That liner looks good too, might need to try that out soon.

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