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Yesterday I showed you plain swatches of the new Bundle Monster Creative Arts polishes, today I’m going to do a review of how they stamp.

bun-npol-001-2_001#20 – Sky Blue, #8 – Lucky Green, #21-  Electric Pink, #15 – Sunshine Yellow, #12 – Orange Peel, #10 – Amethyst

I used BM-018 image plate for this swatch…

bundle monster creative arts stamping-003 bundle monster creative arts stamping-002 bundle monster creative arts stamping-001 bundle monster creative arts stamping(L to R & T to B) Electric Pink, Sky Blue, Sunshine Yellow- over white* and over black*, Amethyst, Orange Peel, Lucky Green- over white and over black 
 *white-Orly French Tips White, black-FingerPaints Black Expressionism 

 As you can see, these colors stamped beautifully over white, and would be great over light colors. However, over black and other dark colors they don’t work as well. They do stay pretty true to color over white and are very opaque, especially Amethyst, Orange Peel and Lucky Green, but over black the dark base show through altering the colors. The pink appears reddish and the yellow turns to green, along with that, the purple is so dark itself it becomes almost invisible over black. Sky Blue and Orange Peel are really the only two I would recommend for using over a dark base.

Overall: I think these work great for stamping over light colors/white, but other than that you do have to watch what colors you apply them over to avoid the overall color from being altered.

Price: There are two ways to buy these Bundle Monster Creative Arts polishes – six piece bundle ($14.99/setor individually ($3.99/ bottle). The sets are currently on sale for the next two weeks and are only $9.09!


I did purchase set 1 so be on the lookout for swatches of those!

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