Profound Glass Crushed Opal…

Purchased by Me

As requested, here is the swatch of Profound Glass Crushed Opal nail polish that I posted on Instagram yesterday

profound glass crushed opal-001profound glass crushed opalprofound glass crushed opal-002flash to show all the sparkle

profound glass crushed opal-004profound glass crushed opal-003

I used one coat of Profound Glass Crushed Opal over FingerPaints Black Expressionism then generously top coated it with both Gelous and Sally Hansen Insta Dri (red bottle). I found out about this polish from Nail Polish Wars who posted about it on her Facebook page. As soon as I saw it I HAD to have it! What I was not prepared for was the size, I know it says the size on the website but my brain saw the image and just assumed it was a standard indie sized mini. It’s not! I posted a couple of size comparisons on Instagram , one comparing it to Sally Girl polish (which is slightly bigger!) and the other comparing it to full size bottles. So yes this is extremely tiny for the price you pay but this is not glitter! They use crushed opal (Gilson created opal) so it has this amazing multi-dimensional color shift that looks like a galaxy on your nails. I HIGHLY recommend using this over black or a very dark color. I tried it over Sally Hansen Lavender Sapphire in hopes of achieving an actual opal appearance, but sadly you couldn’t see all. Even over black you can only see the beautiful colors in bright direct light, like under a lamp or in the sun. In regular indoor lighting the beauty of this polish is lost because all you see is a hint of color. Also, this needs A LOT of topcoat! After a coat of Gelous and QDTC this is still slightly bumpy, I think it may need at least 2 coats of Gelous (or more) plus a QDTC to be perfectly smooth.

Overall: I can’t help but to like this polish, it’s so different and special. I mean, it’s CRUSHED OPALS ON MY NAILS! How can you not like it lol.

Price: $10 (plus shipping) for a 5ml bottle.

So what do you think about wearing crushed opals on your nails? Do you think it’s worth the price?

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