ILNP Reminisce…..

Purchased by Me

If you were waiting and wondering what the base color of yesterday’s mani looked like on it’s own( I know that you were 😉 ), wait no longer! Here is ILNP Reminisce (2 coats alone)….


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LOVE THIS COLOR!!!! This color is so bright, fun and very chrome looking. It also has a very strong shift, if you liked Mutagen but wanted something more vibrant this would be perfect for you.  At the very bottom of the shift it is a golden olive-y green, which shifts to green, teal, and at the top shifts to blue. The formula and application on this is beautiful, no pulling or streaking  and 2 coats gives you full, opaque coverage. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned before or not but to get the best results from your multichromes apply a super shiny top coat. For pictures I use my trusted Sally Hansen Insta Dri(red bottle) but IRL the Mega Shine top coat looks even better (but doesn’t play well in photographs). Once you top coat a multichrome the colors become even more vibrant and any minor brushstrokes you had will become blurred.

Price: $12.50/12ml bottle

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