Dance Legend Sulley

Purchased by Me

Well, this month just flew by didn’t it! Today I have the last color of the Dance Legend Chameleon collection, Sulley….

 sulleysulley-001dance legend sulley-002dance legend sulley-005 dance legend sulley-006picasion.com_540e741ad7a78797eef1aadfd7f573d5


Are you tired of hearing me say “OMG this is stunning!”. Yes? Oh well, lol, this is another one of the “heavy” shifters. Dance Legend Sulley shifts from teal/blue, to purple, to pink, to rose, to gold, to golden green .  I used 3 coats for this swatch, but this is one that would look amazing over black!

Price: $8 for 6.5ml. I bought these directly from Dance Legend .*note that shipping can take up to 2 months or more.

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