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I first have to say that these are not the best swatches of Dance Legend Roz =( . This was one of the first colors that I swatched of this collection (back in November!) and I’ve since learned how to capture the shift better. Also, I was still using my old camera and the settings (and quality) aren’t as good as my new one so the colors are off a bit in the shade pictures.

picasion.com_98bc60124aa34996a8e9b5336e0f9d27Dance Legend Roz-002Dance Legend Roz-004 dance legend roz-013Dance Legend Roz is a must have from this collection! It has a wide range shift that goes from (extreme bottom) rosey purple, to rose, to golden rose/golden olive (the transition between rose and green), to (extreme top) vibrant green. This is 3 coats alone and easy to apply (don’t forget top coat!). I have so much love for this color it’s unreal, so many colors!!!

Price: $8 for 6.5ml. I bought these directly from Dance Legend .*note that shipping can take up to 2 months or more.

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  1. skram says:

    I’ve just ordered Sully and Roz and I can’t wait to get them 🙂
    I was worried that Roz was a dupe (or very similar) to Nubar’s Wildlife, but apparently the colour shift with Dance Legend is a lot more pronounced.
    Thanks for taking the time to publish all your lovely swatches and youtube videos 🙂

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