Dance Legend Boo…

Purchased by Me

Continuing with March Multichrome Madness, I have swatches of Dance Legend Boo for you today…

picasion.com_108f3f4508586aab48f7e165937b80b5dance legend boo-004 dance legend boo-003picasion.com_012aecc5f09b5aedcf42334b3a64f0a5dance legend boo-010


SO MUCH LOVE!!! Dance Legend Boo is so vibrant and has such a strong shift it’s incredible. It shifts from red, to orange, to gold, to a golden olive/green.  For my swatch I did 3 coats alone, 2 coats gives you full coverage but 3 makes the color very opaque and rich. You could also do 1-2 coats over black for a more intense look.

Price: $8 for 6.5ml. I bought these directly from Dance Legend .*note that shipping can take up to 2 months or more.

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  1. I’m wearing this on my nails right now! I just got it in the mail yesterday! Reminds me of a sunset or fall leaves. I LOVE this polish. Can’t stop looking at my nails!

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