FingerPaints Chromatic Creation….

Purchased by Me

As promised here’s a swatch of one of FingerPaints new CORE colors, Chromatic Creation…a linear holo at an affordable price that core! OMG!

FingerPaints Chromatic CreationFingerPaints Chromatic Creation-002 FingerPaints Chromatic Creation-001


LOVE THIS COLOR! Application was a breeze, no pulling or bald spots. I do recommend waiting for each coat to dry before adding a new one t o prevent bald spots. I used 2 coats for this swatch, and the best part is you don’t need a special base coat because it applies just like regular polish.

How does Top Coat effect it?

FingerPaints Chromatic Creation-004 FingerPaints Chromatic Creation-003

Index and Ring: 2 coats no top coat, Middle and Pinky: 2 coats with top coat

It may not look like much of a difference but the holo is slightly dulled, but not enough that you need to avoid using a top coat. Remember you could always sandwich (2 coats, top coat, one extra coat).

How does it compare to other holos?

FingerPaints Chromatic Creation-006 FingerPaints Chromatic Creation-005(Lto R) FP Chromatic Creation, Color Club Harp On It, Layla Mercury Twilight, ChG Cosmic Dust

Chromatic Creation is very similar to the China Glaze Holographic line that they did last year. The holo is subtle but definitely there.

Overall: This is a great holo to add to your collection, and if you’ve been wanting to get a holo but couldn’t afford one this is perfect!

Price: $5.29 (currently on sale BOGOF this month).

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  1. queensxyb says:

    Okay thanks. I hope they come our with more too. 🙂

  2. queensxyb says:

    Does it come in more colors?

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  2. February 21, 2014

    […] I mentioned that FingerPaints are BOGOF this month at Sally’s? Aside from the holo and textures that I picked up I also picked up this beauty, Palette of Perfection. This color is […]

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