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Today I have a review of KKCenterHk‘s Charming Purple Gladiolus water decals. Each pack contains 10 non sticky full nail water decals in 5 different patterns.

kkcenterhk purple gladiolus


These decals are very transparent so I strongly recommend apply them over a white base, like Orly French Tips White, to make the colors stand out.

kkcenterhk purple gladiolus-004 kkcenterhk purple gladiolus-003 kkcenterhk purple gladiolus-002 kkcenterhk purple gladiolus-001


These decals are very thin which makes them both easy and difficult to work with. They lay flat on the nail and smooth out easily but if you’re not careful they can rip or split. Once you apply top coat they “melt” onto the nail and most of the wrinkles naturally smooth out, any wrinkles that still show give them a watercolored effect, which I like. When you’re applying your top coat make sure you don’t go over the same area twice, as this can cause the decal to pull away leaving a bald spot.

Overall: I like these decals because they’re vibrant and give that water colored look with barely any effort. However, these will only work on long nails skinny nails, which is disappointing. You could get maybe 2 of the designs to work on short nails but the rest of them need the full design in order to be able to tell what it is. As far as the width, you can see on some of the nails (specifically my middle finger) the design doesn’t cover from sidewall to sidewall leaving a very stark straight line where the design ends. It also bothered me that they aren’t individual decals, you need to cut out each decal (which is where the straight line came from) so if you aren’t careful you could potentially cut in the wrong spot, ruining the flower.

Price: These retail for $2.54 per pack (which includes 10 decals).

If you need help applying these, check out my tutorial on how to apply water decals.


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  1. Sandy says:

    Gotta have them–mind you, I covet long nails, too. Maybe if and when my nails are worthy… Incidentally, not to be overly didactic, but their product naming is all wrong. That’s a crocus, not a gladiolus. A saffron crocus, I believe. The decals are just gorgeous, though, and I don’t think anyone is going to notice your middle finger’s bare stripe unless you draw their attention to it. Except nail-obsessed geeks.

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