L’Oreal The Statement Piece…

Purchased by Me

I know it’s a bit late but here is a quick swatch of the base color I used for my Dragon Egg mani I did the other day.

loreal the statement piece-001 loreal the statement piece


The Statement Piece has small silver glitters sprinkled in a micro gold glitter base. This is a really pretty gold because it doesn’t lean yellow and with the added silver glitter it’s almost a neutral (with bling!). This would be the perfect color if you were trying to coordinate your polish with an outfit and couldn’t decide between silver or gold. I used 2 coats plus a thin top coat for this swatch.

Overall: Application and formula were great, just like the rest of the collection . If you’re trying to decide what to get from this collection this color would be one of my top picks!

Price: These retail for about $6.99.

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    love it thanks for all ur help

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